{New Year 2017} – Happy New Year 2017 Wishes

{New Year 2017} –  Happy New Year 2017 Wishes

New Year 2017 What to Do?

Like previous years the coming curiosity of a new year is bringing the entire world closer for the magnificent celebrations. People around the world are preparing themselves for spending this new year in some extraordinary places. We can see that people of present day prefer to go for new year’s celebrations rather than other vacations. Because of the zest of these celebrations, nobody wants to sit calmly.

The new year of 2017 is coming, and people are eager to welcome it with a big heart. According to the Gregorian calendar, it will start on Sunday 1st January 2017 at the midnight when the clocks will hit 12:00 am. People around the world will celebrate according to this, but there are some countries whose traditions are different. Unlike Gregorian calendar, Chinese people follow Lunar calendar. Therefore, their new year’s date is entirely different from it. Chinese New year usually rests for seven days as their traditional celebrations are immense. The Chinese new year 2017 will start from Friday 27th January to Tuesday 2nd February. But internationally the followers of Gregorian calendar will celebrate and start their new year’s celebrations on Sunday 1st January 2017 at the midnight.

New Year Gift Ideas For Girl Friends

Girls are always choosy and very particular about their things, so it is a difficult task to choose a gift for your girlfriend. First of all before purchasing keep in mind the occasion in which you are giving a gift. There can be many gifts for your girlfriend on many different occasions, but all of them should be different from one another. For example, if you are giving her a birthday gift it must be very relevant to the occasion as birthdays are a very personal event.

New year comes with a lot more new dreams, hopes, and promises so if you have a girlfriend, first of all, consider the type of relationship you have with her. If you have a girlfriend, who can turn into your life partner, then you must take care the genere of your gift. You can gift her a decoration piece which can depict your intentions towards her. Or a mug which has her and your picture on it. It can create a significant chemistry between both of you. One exceptional gift for a type of girlfriend which is going to your wife within this year is a calendar of her own pic in which each day is defined by different tasks of love until the day came in which she will be your wife. For other girlfriends, you can purchase a handbag of her choice either an office bag or a wallet. Perfumes and wrist watches can also be given. Girls are the most colorful creature on this earth, so you need to be very choosy while choosing a gift for girls. For a new year’s gift of your girlfriend you need to be more funky, floral and enthusiastic as this gift will depict your intentions for the whole year.

New Year’s Gift For Boy Friends

Present day boys are more trendy, fresh and jazzy in personality. Usually, boys pretend to be careless and outburst but actually speaking they are soft from heart. They want to be cared by their loved ones. Choosing a New year’s gift for your boyfriend is not a difficult task as there are many things associated with boys but not more than girls. The new year 2017 is an event in which you are not just wishing or greeting someone but also providing him with new hopes of starting a new year. It is indeed a good thing to give a gift for the new year 2017 as you are entering into a whole new year.

Especially for boy or girlfriends exchange of gifts is critical as it not only transfer the love but also eliminates every kind of hidden grudge or enmity or any fight within the couples. If you are selecting a new year’s gift for your boyfriend, you must consider his type of nature first. For example, if your friend comes late at parties, dinners or on lunches than you must gift him with a wristwatch by telling him that this will make you punctual throughout this new year. You can also gift him with a pen if he works in an office. Selecting a gift for your boyfriend may drag you from one market to market if your friend is very choosy. Some men are very simple in nature. So you can gift him a tie or a shirt as well. Usually, a chocolate box along with a new year card or any gift is given which means a start of a new year with sweets; therefore, the whole year will go in sweetness.

Best Places To Spend A New Year

New year’s celebrations are always dear to everyone. It is an absolute dream of every individual to spend his new year’s celebrations around the best places in the world. Many families prefer to go on new year celebrations rather than on vacations of summer or any other. As for them, new year’s celebrations are more exciting and enjoyable.

There are many places in the world which are more worth seeing in the new year 2017. Dubai is one of the best places to enjoy your celebrations of a new year. Because they not only celebrate it awesomely but also, many huge discounts are made on each and everything. Many people in the world prefer to go to Dubai in a new year as they can get benefit from each and every aspect.

Malaysia is also a charming place to spend new year. People around the world visit Malaysia especially in a new year’s season as its celebrations and beauty has come to the zest. New York is one of the most fantastic places for a new year’s eve. People who can afford must go there as the celebrations here in New York are immense. People gather towards the most famous building known as time square which shows the countdown in the new year’s eve. The whole environment is worth seeing with an abundance of beautiful lights and plenty of massive fireworks. You can see the world’s top celebrations around these places in the world. An indigenous smoking ceremony around these places is attracting and grabbing the attention of the entire world due to which they go there to spend their new year’s eve.